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So I started teaching rashmi and guys, seriously it was very difficult for me to teach her as she was finding hard to concentrate. I even scolded her ...ut her behavior didn’t change. I told that I will complain this to her mum. She said she is really sorry and will try to concentrate from the next day. So next day, I reached her home…She opened the door. I was surprised as she was in a loose t shirt and shorts that were well above her knees. I had never seen her like that and all of a sudden she. She asked me if I was looking forward to meeting boys. I got a little shy because I didn't have much confidence with them. I told her I felt more comfortable with girls. She seemed interested by this."In what way, dear?" She asked me as the steam of the coffee wafted in front of her face."I don't know, I just wonder if I might be a...you know..." A lesbian? There's nothing wrong with it, Laura. Times are changing about a lot of things." I don't know if my parents would feel that way about it.". ”Serena sounded a bit uncomfortable on the phone, but she had said everything was okay, so I assumed it was.I had a quiet evening and an early night. I was a little concerned but was sure that Serena wouldn’t let her come to any harm. In the morning, it wasn’t till nearly ten o’clock that my phone rang; it was Serena.“Hi, Phil. I am bringing Helene back to you now. She is okay, but I will need your help when we arrive to get her upstairs to your flat.”“Oh okay, but you're sure she is. Lila crawled up my body kissing my legs and then my balls as she passed by. Sucking my cock briefly moaning on it kissing her way up she took my nipple in her mouth sucking it. I could not believe the sensations she was causing in my body, I was aching to have her I was on fire I was dying. She kissed me again as she reached between us sliding my cock over the lips of her pussy. She placed the head at her entrance and in one smooth action took me all the way down inside her hot wet pussy. .

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