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Angel thought to herself, "So, they do know who I am. Maybe they just want to have some fun. Guess it wouldn't hurt to play along." Hey Florence, are ...ou sure you searched our prisoner thoroughly?" the seargent asked. "Maybe I better double check," she said as she began to put her hands on Angel.Her shirt being half off, the seargent had no trouble removing it the rest of the way and pushing it down to the handcuffs. The big dyke took a good luck at Angel's luscious upper body. Her big hand. Cuppingit in his hand, he squeezed. He repeated the process, once, twice, threetimes more. Then, inspired and courageous, he lifted his hand and placed iton Frank's torso. It was firm and muscled, and it moved slowly up and downas Frank breathed. Simon fondled his sleeping friend's stomach tenderly,and felt an unknown brand of happiness and satisfaction.The light turned green and they were off again. But, almost as quickly,they hit another light and Simon resumed. He slid his hand across. )Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu Ryuushousen!(The upward blow knocks the gun clean off his arm.)Megumi: His eyes have changed color... Aoshi: The source of his madness was the loss of his right arm. When he felt the same blow, his senses returned. Or... they were forced to return.Saitou: They're back to where they started. How will he follow this up? Cut off his left arm this time?Kujiranami: Finish it. With the new age the Ishin Shishi stole the honor of the samurai. And you stole my death from me. I. It sounded good. "I'm closing in on you, Honey." He said from not too far behind her and she made a sharp left and tried to be as quiet as she could be she walked away. "What can I say about that voluptuous ass of yours? For tonight I just want to rub my poker against it, slide my poker between the cheeks, tease your little hole. Slide it between your thighs to rub your porky as I hold you tight, tonight Baby is a night of lust, pure lust, hope you're in that frame of mind." She.

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