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They definitely werehandymen. The one playing with my clit began to pinch and pull on itas the other slid twofingers into my sloppy wet pussy. I moane... and almost collapsed asthe sensations got the betterof me. So many hands and mouths at once sent me into an immediatelittle climax.Next thing I knew the tall man was laying on the floor, his hard 7inches waiting for me tomount. I slid onto him and was pushed forward by his friend who beganto finger my ass and rubspit on my asshole to get me well. He tells her she got to earn it. She's his slave, and not only his, but all black males, and she got to show her devotion.That did it for her, and she nodded and turned and looked at me and smiled and nodded. And do it right away.I tell her its gonna hurt a lot, being where she wants it, but I can give her a little relief with my spray on local anaesthetic. I gotta give the buck credit, he did say it'd be okay if she got some freezeon on the skin first, but she shook her beautiful head. I can't. " "I don't know. What would you like to watch?" She hopped up and began to look through our limited movie collection.Damn she looked good. She was wearing a T-shirt just long enough to cover her panties, and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She looked like a girl at a slumber party but she was still fucking hot! "Aw, lets just watch whatever is in here already," she said pushing playon the VCR. "No don't..." I tried to stop her but it was too late. An image of awomen getting bent over a. SHE WAS IMPRESSED WITH MY KNOWLEDGE AND I SAID YES… AND ALL THAT SHIT…I SWITCHED ON A PORN MOVIE AND SHE SAT ON THE BED AND REMOVED HER BOTTOMS INCLUDING HER PANTY… FUCK MAN!!!!!!!!! SHE WAS HAVING SO MANY HAIR…………… A JUNGLE TO BE SAID….. AND IT WAS SO BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG HOLE…… I IMMDIATELY REMOVED MY JEANS AND UNDIE AND STARTED STROKING MY COCK WHICK IS TRULEY SPEAKING ABOUT ONLY 4INCH(SORRY BUT HAD SOME OPERATION DONE DRING CHILDHOOD) BUT DO NOT WORRY I CAN SATISFY ANY ONE…..I WENT CLOSE.

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