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Calming down a little, I gave a quick summary of my time at the party,apologising in the process for having neglected my friends. "That'sokay," said S...auna, "we've been having plenty of fun - and it's not asif we weren't getting reports of your progress ..."Seeing the dark expression on my face, she hurried on. "But look, itsounds like you were really connecting with Kevin. You like him, helikes you, yeah?" I nodded. "So where's the problem with kissing himthen?"I blinked. "But ... he's a boy!. "Make. Me cum. Simple as that." she slid her jeans off and laid down on the floor. Within an instant I had my cock buried in her pussy. "OH MY FUCK!" I started fucking her like a wild animal. "Shit I cant even breathe! Cmon fuck me harder!" I kept fucking her bitting her nipples and pulling her hair while I got scratches all over my body. "God damn baby you can take me on. Im impre-" I had plunged my cock deeper than before and I felt her cum. Her whole body went stiff and she let out the. She looked like I did in my last match, with mud all over her, while I looked like Marie, the only mud above my ankles was the little bit Janey splashed on me as she churned by.Amazingly, she tried it again, running erect, with her arm out neck high. This time I lifted my leg and pointed my knee right at her belly. She ran straight into my knee, knocking me over on my back, but leaving her doubled up in the mud, groaning. It was faster to crawl over to her than it was to stand up. I came up. Sunit did not like that and stopped talking to me. Oh my God. I was in depression and became so frustrated. I did not know that Sunit and Gaurav were making some plan to give me a lesson. Now I do not know but i was just like I could not even think of being stay away from Sunit.One day I received a call from Sunit that he is coming to Kanpur with his friend. He told that he wants to meet me there. It was like dream come true to me. So I invited him in my house as there was no one in my house.

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