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"Anyway, I know Daddy won't even consider selling me until after we graduate, so there's plenty of time to make everything okay," Kathy comforted. The...two girls lay with hair entangled and quietly gazed into each other eyes as the late afternoon sun shot long golden beams through the window of Christi's room.There was a knock at the door. "Oh, I thought I heard voices," a stunning, more mature vision of Christi came into the room. "You must be Kathy. You're all Christi can talk about. I'm. Then I spotted her suitcase in the bedroom across the hall, open with a pair of beautiful, full cut nylon panties sitting on top. Could they be? Was I this lucky? I had to know, so I stepped into the bedroom and lifted them to my nose. Nothing, just a little detergent and fabric softener, but they felt so nice and silky, I started to get hard anyway. From behind me I heard “Maybe something not so clean is more your style?” Bard was in the doorway, smiling at me. She came in, went to her. Even if i went to the massage parlor and nothing happened I would still flash the masseuse my junk. Even so I was in need of a good massage as I was sore from working out earlier in the week. So I looked up some amp around my area and found some reviews on a parlor. The review said that it was a legit massage parlor and they made you put on some boxers. I didn't like the idea of having boxers or underwear on when getting a massage, it kind of gave me a sign that they don't want to see your. He chuckles and puts his boxers back on. I grab a clean pair of panties on my way downstairs and he follows me. We end up in the kitchen and I grab the ingredients for chocolate chip pancakes. He wraps his arms around my waist and turns me around. He kisses me deeply and slides his hands under my shirt. His fingers trail my back and ass as we make out. I want it to continue but I am hungry. I push him away and turn to mix the ingredients. His height and strength gave him the ability to pick me.

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