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I press harder and she stills. ‘I don’t want to hear anything from you Miss Darby Davidson’ I tell her, my voice cold and brisk. She tries to mo...e her head, eyes swivelling to look up at me, a most delicious blue. The pupils are dilated and so attractive. Her whole demeanour excites me more than I ever expected it would. In the beginning all I ever wanted was an explanation, an apology, some dignity. Quite when this became a sexual thing eludes me. Perhaps it was during the weeks of stalking,. How that one ended up in New Holt was just a guess at that point. Hugo had never heard.As with any cross roads town there were people who commuted to Blane to work on the less than booming docks. Since New Holt was a river town it had been built on the banks of the Greater Pea River. The Greater Pea wasn't much of a river. It might be deep where it ran through New Holt but it was narrow. Where Flat bottom barges had once carried cotton to Blane, it was mostly pleasure boats that traveled. Under the magic’s influence, they began to straighten and knit themselves back together.He reminded himself that he needed Ikuno to add the strength rune to his bracers. Though more complicated than speed or stamina runes, it protected the user from their own enhanced strength, the speed rune was not so forgiving. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time Kal had broken something in this manner, however, the last time Ikuno had been there to heal him. Bones took a lot more time and magic to heal than. ‘He must be getting close to sixty, but no doubt, he could easily whip any man in this bar, probably all of them at the same time.’ Eva loved the ever so slight scar on Mason’s lip, it made him even sexier to her. She knew exactly where all of the other scars were on his body and there were quite a few scattered over his athletic frame. She would have loved to know more about Mason, but he never talked about himself. She knew a few things though. She knew he’d been in the Reserve Officer.

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