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When I logged in and checked it just said “meet me at 6.00 pm at seasons near railway station on Saturday. Dress code must be black t-shirt and jean...�� I was literally happy and the meeting was said to happen in another 6 days. I replied “cool will be there”.Saturday came and I was there at the said spot by 5.55 pm and was waiting at a corner table. By sharp 6 a lady in a grand silk saree entered the shop and she scanned the shop. She was not that hot but somewhat ok (a hungry dog doesn’t need a. I really want to help you, Michael, and I think I have a lot to teach you." To emphasize the last few words, Mr. Beechem reached out and put his hand on my knee, startling me.He continued, "I took the time to familiarize myself with all of the personnel records of the interns at the firm and you stood out. Something about what I read and what I've seen told me that you will be open to my tutelage." He had gone from touching my knee to stroking my leg gently. I felt very uncomfortable by his. He placed his big warm palm on my inner thigh and slowly rubbed it - “Daddy, you know you are my first love, i don’t want any of those boys “ - looking at him with my dreamy big blow eyes, now amplified by makeup. His hand went and traced a finger over my face and lips “my little bunny, daddy loves you always” he moved to kissed me passionately, he was eating my mouth with his tongue and buried it deep, i used mine on his, it was a slow romantic french kiss, his hand grabbed my neck his other. I now swing my seat to the right so she is partially between my legs on my right side. She and I are now in conversation but I keep Ben in as not to be disrespectful. She rubs her ass on my right knee as she laughs at a joke and I wonder if it was on purpose then she does it again and I gently put my right hand around her for a second. Again no resistance from either of them. Our drinks come and we start to drink them and she loves hers and drinks it fast. She says get me another. I tell.

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