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In wisps of dreamy fog, we came together, lips seeking lips, tongues seeking tongues. The silk slipped gently from her body fluttering away in the sof... breeze. She stood, shoulders back, head high, waiting, wanting… My hands move in sleep, gently unknowingly caressing her, seeking her, she murmurs as she turns towards me, her leg enfolding me, drawing me close. Our breathing, deep and soft in sleep, becomes as one in perfect rhythm. Through the fog and the mist of the dream, she came closer,. "With a little help from your friend." I grinned." That's me, just so there's no confusion." Two, huh," she said, sounding skeptical."Maybe more," I said, confidently. I wasn't going to go off half-cocked this time. Or fully cocked, as it were. Nope, no hair trigger for me. Not this time.I led her to the bedroom, where the sheets were still wrinkled from our earlier coupling. I told her to lie down and spread her legs while bending her knees. It might have sounded a little clinical. But all. I wanted to have his black cock up my soaking wet cunt right now…He stood close to the bed and said I had a nice perfect ass…He was making me incredibly hot and I was starting to moan a bit. He grabbed my hips and dragged me to the edge of the bed, pressing his crotch against my naked buttocks. I felt a huge bulge growing inside of his trousers.He slapped my ass again and pushed my head down onto the mattress, letting my butt up in the air. I heard him stripping off…My lust for his black cock. ?But I don't know. As I said, it is not my, not our, concern. Allwe do is provide a feasible solution for others to apply.? A silence had fallen on the auditorium. A silence of expectation. ?I was going to ask you Grace ..... about Sophie. I wondered if youhad had any news .....?The opening notes of the overture filled the air. The heavilyreiterated chords of the Magic Flute.Grace de Messembry laid her forefinger to her lips, ?Later Helen,?she mouthed as she sank back in her chair, absorbed in.

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