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"We were worried about the two of you," T'Pol admitted. "We all know how to read a tactical display and were not convinced that we would arrive in tim...." Well thankfully Soval did," Malcolm said, sending her a small smile, while he took Hoshi's limp hand."Hoshi regained consciousness about three hours ago," T'Pol explained, coming up beside him and looked down at her sleeping friend. "Dr. Lucas administered a sedative to allow her to rest. The surgery and the artificial coma have cost her a. He felt comfortably dressed and quite ready for the evening’s entertainments. Rachel, when she answered the door to his press on the bell push, was nothing like her voice might have suggested. On the telephone, her voice, in its lightness, suggested someone on the diminutive side. Rachel was anything but diminutive. Although not obese, Rachel was heavily built. She stood in her Jeans and a multicoloured blouse at around five feet nine with broad shoulders and a heavy set body supported on. We tried hard not to wake her up with the noise of getting back into the house with our stuff, and getting ready for bed, and trying so hard to be quiet gave us both a giggling fit.Man, being in my own bed felt good! The house wasn't very cool, but the sheets, at least at first, felt cool and good. And I was so tired, it could have been a sauna in there, and I'd have still been ready to catch me some Z's.I kinda listened, though, to see whether Emily and Dave were going to make any noise, again. Her only jewelry was an understated gold filigree cross pendent with matching hoop earrings. Her blonde hair sported the full blown-out look which made her look like a model. She carried her guitar case with practiced ease.Father Xavier greeted her with obvious affection. “Krista, gracias. Su guitarra y la voz de Sofía dio a todos una vista previa de los cielos.” Krista beamed.Jo looked a little puzzled and Matt translated, “Her guitar and Sofía’s singing gave everyone a preview of heaven.”Jo.

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