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She was wearing a padded bra, because her dad liked that, and when the guard put down the shirt he instructed her to take off the bra. "But please do ... have to?" Young lady, you are already in heaps of trouble. Resisting a search would really count heavily against you. I need to find out if he stuffed anything down your cleavage." I don't have any cleavage," she whined, "it's just padding." Exactly why I need to search it thoroughly."She reluctantly reached behind her and unclipped it, and. " she asked, clearly reveling in my discomfort."I'd prefer to be Barbie," I answered her as I sat next to her."I see," she said with a large grin, "What makes you think Jackie canhelp?" You are Jackie, yes?"She looked at me for a few moments like a lepidopterist looks at abutterfly, and then smiled. "Yes, I'm Jackie. What makes you think I canhelp you?" A lot of research I've done over the past two years. It seems you havesome type of power. There have been so-called fictional stories. What are you running from?" You haven't heard? I'm a wanted criminal ... I'm a fugitive ... a ... a terrorist. I blow things up, and now the pigs know who I am."My brain was spinning with the effort of taking in Sarah's words, of analysing them into a form that was acceptable to reason."Where have you been? I'm the most wanted woman in Britain, as of yesterday." She wailed.I still didn't have a clue what she was talking about. I touched her cheek ... she still felt like Sarah, she looked like. ‘Well, yeah, she got there first,’ I said. ‘She went and got it all ready for me a couple days before I was discharged.’ ‘And have you looked through all the stuff in the apartment since then? Every box, every closet, every drawer?’ ‘I don’t have much else to do,’ I joked. Scott kissed the top of my head and rubbed my belly. I said, ‘Yes. I’ve been through everything, trying to piece my memories back together.’ ‘Not much to go on, was there? No recent pictures or memorabilia?’ ‘No. How…’ .

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