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I checked my make-up and made sure my red headed wig was fully attacted, and walked out slowly and as sexy as I could. One foot in...front of the other,watching as my open toed heels and freshly painted red toes followed a rhythm. As I walked out I was almost in complete shock as I saw 5 other guys besides Tim standing there. I was really feeling like I wanted to cry. Then the one guy that became my lust for the night said to me in a very harsh. .mre chut puri gili ho chuki thi. Maa ab peshab i.e toilet kar rhe the. .unki peshab pili nikal rhe the. . Mne maa se pucha maa yeh itni pili kyo hai toh maa ne kaha uthne k bad abh kar rhe hn. . Maa ne mre s pucha tjhe mre chut kaise lge niki, mne sharmakar kaha maa achi hai. Maa ne bola ki tere chut toh bata. . Maa ke yeh kehne s mai sharma gye. .maa sidhe kamod s uth kar mre pas aye aur mere nity upar kardi. . Mre panty puri gili ho chuke the. . Maa ne gili panty dkhkar uspe hath ragad ne. The sun wasn’t quite reaching me yet but the warmth of the air on my skin and feeling the cool breeze on my vag was incredibly exciting.I closed my eyes and put my head back just soaking up the thrill and pleasure I was feeling. I must have been at it for about 5 minutes or so when I opened my eyes and noticed that the man on the top balcony just above our neighbor was staring right at me. I completely froze and thought I was going to have a heart attack. I didn’t know what to do. My gut. She said she would take care of that. She put some more jelly in her hand and rubbed it over my nuts from behind. She scrawled gently on the sides of my sack where they touched my legs. I moaned.Haley asked me to turn back over. I covered myself and turned over. She reached under the covers and gently scratched me all over my scrotal region. It felt so good that I let a sigh escape my lips. On cue, she moved up to my shaft and began massaging there. I whispered that that wasn’t what I meant..

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