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Enathu paati siru vayathil irunthe ennai maamavai thirumanam seithu kol endru sollikondu irupaargal aathanaal naan en manathalavil maamavai nesika aar...mbithen aanal maama enudan oru thangai idam eppadi pazhaguvomo appadiye pazhginaar.Enathu thanthai kandipaaga othukola maatar enendraal enathu maama padikaathavar athanal appa paditha maapilaiku matume ennai kattikodupaar.Naan ena seivathu endru theriyaamal irunthen appozhuthu naan kalluriyil padithukondu irunthen. Enathu thozhigalidam anaithu. I asked him to pick up after himself today. We were supposed to be having a party here tonight and now I was going to have to clean again and make food and clean the outside. Damn him! I walked through the house and didn't see him anywhere. I wonder where he could be. I looked out the back door and saw the light on in our shed. He must be in there. I walked to the back porch and out in to our jungle of a yard. I opened the door of the shed and seen him working on the new paddle he was making. I could have, just to get promoted, but I didn't," Celia was only inchesaway from him.Miles could smell her perfume, appreciate her distinctive beauty, he'dnever gotten over his longing for her.Celia didn't move when he put his lips to hers. She opened her lips tolet him put his tongue in her mouth. She kept her arms passively at hersides when he enfolded her in his; she could feel his cock pressingagainst her belly."We'll have to be quick," she breathed heavily as she pushed him away.She. Players of inconsequence:Mother: Mother ship. BIG mothafucka of a constructed ship. 26,000. Attributes: Big, really, really BIG, as in HUGE. Non reflective, cloaked, BIG! Small Planet. Did I mention big?Powers that Be: Gods. Ageless.Door: Practical joker under punishment. 14,500.Astrogator: Pretty blue pop. DeadDoc: Department Head, Professor, Archaeologist, Linguist. MSU. 70.Steve: Paid Pit Boss. Dutch ancestry. Masters candidate. Owner, Montana Explorations. 32.Simone, Ship, Barb, Gil, and.

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