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I catch a few women looking too, but I know that I've left a few strangers with hard cocks as I pass by. Because I like to be viewed and admired, I na...urally drifted toward a nudist lifestyle. When Mark I and were married, we met with a group of nudists every weekend. The members in the group were probably all in their fifties and sixties but didn't fuss when we wanted to join them. I can assure you that when Mark and I walked out naked to the pool, no one suggested we were too young to be. I checked the inbox and saw a text: “I am craving you in my mouth, please don’t keep me waiting.” I eagerly headed upstairs. I opened the door and what a sight to see! I am getting hard now just typing this. There she was in a sheer beige night gown kneeling in front of our bed, blind folded with her mouth open. I walked in front of her and without saying a word I unzipped my pants and fed her my growing cock. “Take that you slut” I ordered and groaned as she began to work my shaft.. It was something you'd been looking forward to all week.Once more you tossed you pack higher on your back, finding it somewhat frustrating that they weighed so much as you walked. Karole was a prestigious school one that had a high turn out for scholarly, well educated young men and women who all excelled in the programs they sought after. Even the worst students at Karole, scored a minimum of 90% on most of their assignments. Having the weight on your back was a gentle reminder of the prestige. My tongue found her clit. As she had done to me I sucked it hard. She came, not as violently as I had, but with a loud moan. Not bad, I thought for the first orgasm I had ever given another woman in real life.Julie opened her eyes, smiled and held out her arms. I snuggled into them and we kissed; this time Julie tasting herself on my lips. After a few minutes as our bodies relaxed, Julie bounded up, “Lunch? I don’t think it is necessary to dress.”Lunch—prawn salad with a glass of white wine—was.

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