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I haven’t been so close with a girl. She was wearing a sleeveless salwar Kameez with a push up bra. She touched me. That was the moment I was waitin... from my teens till now. Though I felt a deep sense of joy in me I was shivering with fear. Since there was no time to waste I pushed aside my fears and saw her in her eyes. She looked very beautiful to me more beautiful than everyone else in the whole world. She had left her hair loose and this is the way I wanted my dames to be. I hugged her like. Three days later, the husband was returned under house arrest awaiting trial.House arrest consisted of being confined with police offices in the house and outside. Madge found this intimidating. On the second day the chief of police turned up and spoke to her husband along. Madge upstairs could hear some of the conversation, it appeared that a deal had been agreed at the police station which for something Madge and her husband would be allowed to leave Kenya in 48 hours. To her great relief she. Four, six, eight...ten and stopped. She slowly slid the length of his hot cock until her gooey lips sucked on the tip before jamming the entire length of his cock down her tongue meeting Jenny's at the bottom. Both girls moaned like the cock whores they were and flicked their tongue over the base of his now throbbing cock. He slowly started to thrust in Gracie's dripping mouth and started to pick up the pace. Gracie let out a muffled moan and began freely flowing into her panties. She reached. It was tough for both of us to just stop having sex with each other on account of we fit well together. From the first time I slid my cock into her tight tiny pussy we were in love and spent almost the whole summer together. I was sure lucky by the amount of sperm I left inside her she didn’t get pregnant. When we discovered we were cousins stopped fucking for a couple of difficult weeks ,it was hard for both of us. We finally sat down and talked agreeing that not having sex was depressing to.

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