Yeah, OK. But are you considering it? ... Sure five grand each is hugely tempting for one day of just relaxing ... Right, it will be taxing, but commo..., I can do 24-hours on my head ... No, I won’t actually do ... NO! Not even on a dare. I say, let’s do it. We can use the ten grand! ... Right. See you there tomorrow at noon. Bye. Umm, Scott love, I have a bad feeling about this. In case they aren’t legit, I’m going to record everything with our spy glasses. In audio only mode it can record up. She took my underwear from the back and gave it to me...and told me put my dick inside else she will eat my dick this time...even though I wanted her to go forward and eat my dick again, but at the same time I knew that it was not safe anymore, we were almost in her locality and had no time. So I did as she asked me too, even I dressed up fully this time and started the car again. I dropped her about half a km from her place with a small kiss in her cheeks. She told we will discuss about this. Sam thought about this for a while, but only a short while as he reallywanted that advancement at work, so he agreed to the requirements fromhis employer. Sara was happy to hear this but wanted a bit more fromSam at this stage. She told Sam that if he was willing to go this far,he should go a bit farther to satisfy her desires and she would make itworth his effort she promised. Sara asked Sam to change his given namefrom Samuel to Samantha, as he really didn't dress like a Samuel anylonger,. She was wet, and her bush was not trimmed and neat like the girls I had been boning and she was a little over weight. But I licked her and got her primed and then spread her legs and drove my pecker deep into her vintage pussy. I was so surprised at how wet and tight she was. I guess I thought because she was so much older that her pussy would be dried out and loose. She even smelled really good. I banged away on her till she orgasimed, and she orgasimed hard. I went just a little longer and.

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