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Tim had always secretly wanted to get "sloppy seconds" with Cindy after she'd fucked another guy and the man whose cum was inside her pussy was his ow... father. He got Cindy naked, leaving her clothes and his strewn all along the floor on the way to their marital bed, and as he spread Cindy's legs, he could see his father's cum seeping from between her well-fucked pussy lips. He almost went down on her and ate her pussy out, not caring that his father's jizz was there and he'd be sucking it too. I have had my first kiss at the age of 12 years and since then I have worked my way up till here. I am having average physic, neither too muscular, not too lousy. My cock is of also 7 inches in size and 3.5 inches in width. But as per the girls, I have good lasting capacity and that I can accept not just because they say but because often they ask me to take a break of 15-20 minutes in-between the sex.This first story I am to share with you involves one of my class-mates in engineering college,. .mene use kaha ki aaj shaam ko 6 baje me or liza tujhe nescafe me milenge ..harry khush ho gya or mujhse gale mil kar mujhe thanx kehne laga ..uske baad me ghar chala gya ghar me sirf me or liza the me sofe par beth kar tv dekh raha tha tabhi liza akar meri godi me beth gyi or mujhse kaha kya haal hai bilz bhai ….mene uske smooch diya or kaha thik hai darling or liza ne kaha …bhai pata hai mera mere bf se break up ho gya hai ……mene kaha ……kaise hua darling ….liza…wo sala kuch jyada over react. Khair bhai aab aaga ke story par aata hu jinona meri pheli story nai padi hai plz pad lena tab jakar samajh aayaga ye story.Aur mujha comment aur mail zarur karna aap loga ka mujha bhout sara mail aaya hai mera mail id hai Ab story par aata hu.Maa phone uthai to papa ne bataya ke wo kal india aa raha hai to maa boli ok hum aap ko lena airport aa jayanga aur fir phone cut ho gaya maa mujha boli beta tera papa kal aa raha hai to mai bola ha aab kya karanga to maa boli mahina bhar ka fursat ho.

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