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You do what you like. But tomorrow I would like to take a day off. I am out with a guy. He has asked me out…”“Oh, a date is it?” I interjected...“Sort of. We and a couple of guys and gals are going out. Would you like to join us?”I lifted up my gaze to look at her and said, “Thank you, but no. like I said. I know my purpose here and relationship is something that I wish to invest only in the future. You have found a date, I am happy for you, but please don’t share with me your personal. 15pmWe visited her hubby Eric at least once a week and occasionally twice where our busy schedules allowed, for almost four months until the courts finally ruled on Thursday 6 January that life support could be switched off on Wednesday 14 January 1976 at 5pm. The Judge ruled that there was no appeal to his decision but would allow just over a week of life support to allow all parties to brace themselves for the inevitable.Then, the very next day, on Wednesday morning, a week before the. He hadhis medical suitcase with him. We went down to the basement early in themorning. We agreed in that it was best for me to strip naked, because ofthe sweat, vomit, etc. It wasn?t cold in the basement, yet I gotgoosebumps as I stood stark naked in front of Mark. ?Sit down,? he ordered.The chair was colder than I had expected. I putmy legs across the arms of the chair, fully exposing my groin. Markmethodically roped my limbs to the chair. They were very tight ? but thatwas the aim. When. He was just over six foot in height, he had a body that was strong from working on his parent’s farm year round and occasionally working on a friend’s father’s fishing boat. Dreng’s solid and compassionate eyes are what I had always found most attractive about him. Now he was my husband and soon to be the father of my child. Words could never express the joy I found being at his side, a part of his life. I, on the other hand, had been raised in a sheltered home. My father had been the parish.

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