Though I never officially came out as a lesbian but many of my friends already know. Especially my best friend Jennifer. Oh she is a hottie too with a...athletic body.As I sit down in the wooden chair across dad and feel the cooler temperature hit my bottom. My mom walks over placing a glass of Orange juice in front of me. “Thanks mom” “your welcome. And breakfast will be ready in a couple minutes. “After breakfast I head back upstairs to my room and figure out what to wear today. Been pretty hot. Hostel mein kuch aisa tha ki ek floor par 2 bathroom the jo ki sbke liye common the. Mein apna samaan jama kar kafi thak gayi thi toh fir mein thodi der k liye so gayi, Mujhe ek dum se kisi ki jagane ki aawaz aayi wo Kriti thi aur wo mujhe utha rahi thi. Mein uth agyi aur mene usse pucha ki kya hua ?Kriti: Sorry yr disturb krne k liye par mujhe tujhe kuch importat btana tha.Me: Haan toh btao kritiKriti: Yr wo aaj tera pehla din hai hostel mein toh teri na aaj seniors ragging lenge.Me: Mein. Her nipples were poking out of thin towel.she said ‘i am going for a bath.if u want anything u can ask me papaji’ I could not take my eyes of those jutting boobs.i stammered ‘o.ok’ after finishing bath she came in her wet towel and I could see her boobs clearly through it and also her hairy pussy.she started drying her hair with another small towel.her hairless smooth armpit was too sexy to control myself.she came close to me and said ‘you want anythingpapaji?’I thought enough of it.screw my. She wanted to ride this new thing, this new type of burning she had going on now but Jade was growing impatient. She wanted to taste Sydney's tongue. Pushing softly between Sydney's moist lips, Jade's tongue gently ran along the bottom one. Sydney moaned as Jade bit gently on her lip before pushing her tongue deeper into her mouth. Jade's tongue was like candy to Sydney and she opened her mouth wider to let their kiss become intensified by the thrill of tasting each other for the first time..

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