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"Shit! What a view!" he said as he looked at the evil fuckpole sticking out of her stretched cunt, and the matted pussyhair surrounding it. "Jesus, th...t looks sexy," he whispered, more to himself and he silently blessed the day his cock first found his sister's hungry pussy.Mary smeared fuck juices all over the head of the big butt plug until it glistened with Carol's own body lubricant. She rubbed it around the pink, puckered opening, teasing her; until Carol's protesting body began to twitch. She knew he had a decent cock, thin but long and cut, at least 8 inches. So why not enjoy herself? She’d always preferred that type of cock, a nice mouthful with plenty of shaft to stroke while she sucked. But before she could make a grab for it he wanted to play a game. Getting her on the floor on all fours he wanted to ‘pet’ her. ‘Let’s make this even more fun’ he’d said taking out chain-mail panties and a nipple chain that she was happy to wear. When the red leash came out however she got. "I know what you need to help you right now," he said as he moved his head to her crotch and thrust his tongue between her lips. Paul circled her clit with his tongue and then flicked it lightly against her. She was helpless to do anything but endure the tension of her emotions. She heard him unbuckle his pants and reposition himself and then felt him rub against her, using her own moisture as a lubricant. She raised her knees and spread them to accept him and he entered her gently.Until this. As he stood over me watching I tried to relax my muscles as much as possible and empty my bladder into the toilet. There wasn’t much but as I finished he said, “Don’t bother pulling your panties up; they’re coming off anyway in a few minutes.”I guess I knew that.I was walked back to the room, directly over to the chair, with my panties around my knees. As he sat I was taken by the arm and pulled off balance quickly to end up over his lap. Jack adjusted my position as I grabbed the leg of the.

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