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Sara was not drinking this particular night as she was on medication for something. This did not stop her getting saucy though. During the evening, Sa...a suggested playing our game again. I then mentioned that I had some sex dice upstairs. After explaining what they were Sara asked me to go and get them. I brought them down to the decking and gave them to Sara. The game consists of five dice. Four coloured dice (one for each person) which have a different body part on each side and one silver. As I’ve said before I’m fairly lightly built and Kenny is a big powerful man so he could take my weight with ease. I pulled my long cock almost all of the way out of his arse then pushed forward to slide it all the way back in again. Kenny moaned under me, his face pressed into a pillow. I did the same thing again, this time only the tip of my cock remained in his arse. I slowly sank back into him, pushing my right hand under his big chest until I found a nipple. I twisted it as I’d seen him do. I said 'say' yes."Cal very quietly said, "Yes." Nick, still having fun at his friends expense, said "If you are going to say it, say it with some authority." Nick was chuckling inside. Cal, someday, was going to get his revenge. Nick knew this.Raven piped up, "Leave him alone, you big bully."Petra looked at Raven, "Hush up Raven, remember what I told you. Nick is just having some fun with Cal. They are like this all the time. Besides, Cal can take care of himself and Nick knows it."Raven sat. .I was wrong. Kora should be with her brother. She loved him. She was his wife now, but...“You'll be with her?” he asked, voice low.“Always,” I breathed, shuddering beneath him. That was true. I would be with Kora for as long as I could be; her living muse.“At least there's that,” Sven said, his hands squeezed my breasts. “I... I trust you to protect her for me.”A wave of joy washed through me. Tears tinged my eyes. I don't know why, but his faith in me... It touched me. This man had pulled me.

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