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” We spent the next hour getting everything out in the open. I told her about how distracting it was to work beside Tracy, and she told me about all...the fantasies she’d had of Connor. Surprisingly, it didn’t sting as much as I’d expected it to. When the air had cleared, we kissed and made love until everything was right again. Basking in the afterglow, Ria whispered, “I know this might sound weird, but while we’re being all honest about stuff—“ She trailed off, too nervous to finish her. He loved all of his girls and had become almost addicted to the daily fuckings they provided. They had even gone so far as to set him up with some other girls as a thank you for all that he had done for them. Now, that was at an end. The twins noticed that things had gotten quiet and looked up to see their mom with Bliss standing beside her. It was so sad that this was all going to end. Julee was the last one to notice her mother and sister standing in the doorway, but she was also the first. She moaned as my fingers slid across her dripping pussy.Her whimpers were the sweetest thing in the world. She moaned into my ear as my fingers danced across her clit. My tongue fenced with Fawziya’s as the jinn rubbing my nipple seized it between thumb and forefinger, rolling hard.“Mmm, your nipples are so hard. I bet they are succulent to suck on, slut,” moaned Nida. She licked my ear. “I want to find out.”I moaned into Fawziya’s kiss and rubbed harder on Nida’s clit, giving her all the. And when I touched her pussy, it was soaked in her cum, all wet like it was kept under a stream of water, sticky. I slowly removed her panty. The moment I touched her clit, she gave a jerk and moaned.Keep reading stories from indiansexstories dot net, a leading site for porn stories.I kept kissing her lips, her boobs holding her hands with my left hand and playing with her pussy with my right hand. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy, it pained her but the pleasure we were having was.

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