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Although, from my vantage point, all of the guys were upside down, as I slid my third and fourth fingers into my anus, I'm happy to say that everyone'... cock was sticking straight down ;-)I dropped to my knees and was immediately surrounded by hard peckers in my face...four of them, actually. Soon, it was 6. The 7th guy dropped onto his back on the floor and began eating my ass as I sucked and stroked on the other 6 participants. “Shall we bring out the Cushion,” asked the Host playfully. . ’ ‘So, how’s your sex life?’ I asked posing the question devilishly. ‘What sex life?’ he invited me in to speak illicitly. ‘I know what that’s like,’ I said. That’s why I was divorced because of a lack of intimacy and sex. ‘Just spread ’em and ease ’em in,’ [… in a loveless marriage, I thought to myself]. ‘Brian, why don’t you book a hotel in Napa Valley and get her drunk … go back to a B & B with a bottle of champagne (4), strawberries, smoked salmon, a crusty loaf of bread with cream cheese. He slapped my ass hard, leaving a hand print. “Oh yes, Daddy! I love that!” I squealed. “You like that, huh? You like being the black man’s bitch, huh?” he said, obviously referring to my collar. “Yes, Daddy. I love it!” I squealed again. “ I knew you were a good little white bitch when I first saw you” he growled. “Yes, Daddy!” I replied with lust. He pulled my booty shorts aside and forced a finger into my waiting sissy pussy hole. “Ah!” I yelped. He continued to fuck me with his. They fell on her, easily overpowering her. Tricia screamed and kicked, and a hand covered her mouth. She was pulled back and easily lifted by several of the gang members and carried to a picnic table. She struggled and fought against the men, kicking, thrashing, and fighting as they pushed her on the table. They shouted and laughed as they pinned her down and grabbed at her clothes.“Look at these tits!”“God DAMN!”“Gonna fuck her up!”She felt her necklace ripped from her. ¡No! ¡No otra vez! ¡No!.

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