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He was surprised to find he missed the comfort of a body beside him. There was something primal – something visceral – about having a companion in...bed. It made him – better.As he turned it over in his mind, though, he realized he didn’t miss just having a body beside him. He missed having Sophia beside him. It was a bit of a scary revelation. In that moment, he realized he didn’t just love Sophia – he was in love with her.It worried him a bit. He wasn’t used to needing someone – and wondered if. When the black man got up his was too. I watched him pulled his cock out of his briefs and my eyes lit up...It had to be 7 inches minimum. I knew I couldn't do this. He began stroking it in front of me...enticing me on. He said to me I know you wont take all of me but I know you can take some of it...just relax your hot mouth and throat and we will be good. So he bent down and kissed me several times and I grabbed his black cock and started playing with it. How smooth skinned his cock was and. It was just as he had warned me. I wasthere purely to serve my master's needs (... just a quick ride to trythe bitch out...) and at that moment he wanted to fuck.Strong hands slide under my spread-eagled front and close around thetwin globes of my titties, anchoring me to his thrusting body. The manon top of me starts to work himself in and out of my burning hole, mybottom squelching at each new assault, he is stretching me with hisslippy sliding glans bumping warm and hollow into the depths of. "You, know, I've kind of missed the old place," said Ron."Yeah, I know what you mean" said Harry. "It's good to be back!"As the Hogwarts Express was not due to arrive before the evening, the four friends enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together. They then went for their customary walk in the grounds—perhaps their last chance for some private time to themselves. Everything seemed the same as it had been during the last occasion that they were there: except, of course, that they were all a little.

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