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So having this little moment in my head I showed her the apartment. Of course I offered a drink. And she accepted. We talked and talked and I realized...that I wasn't quite annoyed with her any more. She simply talked to me like we were two adults and not the condescending tone she had when I was younger. As a matter of fact I was beginning to enjoy her visit. Time flew by and hours had past. It was time for her to go. Then she said that she still needed to go to other shops near my place and if. Phir us ne aik halki se awaz di na karo anis mai samjh gaaya ye mujhy anis samjh rahi hai phir main thori dair rooka or phir us k boobs se khailne laga us k boobs choostay howay us ki chooti se pussy ko b masalne laga shalwar k uper se tabhi wo uth gai or ghusay mai boli ye kya kar rahe hoo mai dar gaya phir main ne himat akathi or us ko hug kiya lakin wo ghusay main aa gai or chilane lagi main ne us k moo pe hath rahka or bola main ne raat ko sab dekh liya hai jo tum or anis ne kiya ab main. Suddenly, there was heavy traffic, So we waited for 30 min. and I suggested her to take a room in that hotel itself were already some of my classmates stayed. She accepted and I booked a room for her. She asked me to stay with her for some time till her friend arrives. I accepted and went with her.As I am new to girls, I was feeling very shy. She finally broke the ice and started a conversation with me about girls, girlfriends etc. We had a very long conversation for about an hour. She was. "Um, I haven't really thanked you enough," K ventured after a fewintersections, it was only a few more blocks at that point, before gettinghome, "would you like to grab a coffee? There's a Starbucks, or a TimHorton's?" Oh, I can't," but K thought that Wanda sounded disappointed, "Myboyfriend is supposed to be meeting me at my place for dinner and amovie."A twinge of jealousy visibly touched a nerve at that remark, an expressionthat Wanda picked up on. Definitely getting over a girlfriend,.

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