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Eclipse had gon into labor and for 3 hours pushed 3 healthy pups into the world, one male witch she named Bullet, and the two twin females, Velvet, an... Maria. Also on this night 3 lonely strnagers appeard on Eclipses land and waisted no time in going to the females den. Eclipse had just finished labor and was once again caught off guard when the 3 males entered her den and immediatly sat down her reactions were of shock and dissaray as she covered her newborns with her tail. drake spoke first. I holded her hands and there was chemical reaction say current passing through both our bodies and we both can feel it. I took my right hand behind her hip and dragged her near me. Both our body started touching and what a feel. It was also cold outside and our bodies was very warm and she started breathing we were very close and her boobs and my chest were touching each other. I was very horny and could not resist my brains temptation. I grabbed on both hands and gave a tight hug. He accepts. I lick my lips and lie down in the back seat. My nipples are so sensitive that even a light stroke makes me whimper. I tease them with one hand as I pull my skirt up to reveal my hairy pussy with the other. One finger disappears into my forest and comes out glistening. I put it in my mouth and moan as I suck it clean. I dip the next finger in and the next, cleaning each with my tongue until I have dipped my whole hand. Then I let both hands play. I open my lips wide and tease my. ’ ‘Why Anu, you said that you are very happy with the one you have.’ ‘She is perfect, but you know my husband.’ ‘You mean…?’ ‘Yaa, my man has started a relationship.’ ‘You may be mistaken Anu. I don’t think any man would go so assiduously after servant maids.’ ‘My man does. All of them do if you give them the chance especially non-doctor husbands of obstetricians. This is a hazard of our profession.’ ‘I think it is needless suspicion.’ ‘Josephine, will any housewife get rid of a perfect.

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