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Since I was a regular visitor to my friend’s house I entered the house without knocking the door. ………The door was open and I just opened it en...ered in the room…… I found nobody in the house……. Suddenly my friend’s brother came out of bathroom after taking shower……... He had got only towel wrapped on his waist….. He was about 6 feet tall and has well built body and that time doing his post graduation. Suddenly we came face-to-face with each other.I was wearing tight T-shirt and a knee length. We went back adjusted her properly and slowly loosened the saree and petticoat. He then lifted it from the leg side and we could clearly see her pubic hairs. There was nothing visible except a thick triangular mat of hairs. After a while he closed the petticoat and he slowly pulled the blouse out and loosened the bra. One of the boobs was out in most part and he touched it.There was no response and he increased the pressure, he kept doing it slowly until almost the whole boob was out and then. I was afraid of this man. Sometimes you just know when a guy isn't just playing at it."Please don't hurt me, please just leave and I will forget you were even here," His reaction was to slap me again. My head bounced off the wall behind me."Shut the fuck up, do as I say, and I won't hurt you. Got it, nigger?" I nodded agreement. His eyes roamed over my body as his mouth curled into some evil, distorted grin. "What a beautiful little school girl uniform you have on. That white blouse sets off. Aur maine jor se unki dono chuchiya daba di. Ye sab itni jaldi hua ki mummy ko sambhalne ka time hi nahi mila.Magar jaise hi maine unki chuchiya dabayi. Unhone mujhe peeche dhakka diya. Aur mere gaal par 4 thappad mare. Gaal par thappad padte hi meri ander ki hawas nikal gayi.Aur tab mujhe pata chala ki maine kya galti kar di hai. Fir mummy bohut gusse mein aa gayi. Aur mujhe boli.Mummy – Ye kya kar raha hai tu? Tujhe sharam nahi aayi. Aapni maa ke sath ye sab karte hue. Bahut dino se tujhe.

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