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Although nothing was said I suspected that my mother was both very much aware of my submissiveness and, I believe, approved of my solitary pleasures g...ven the many times she made hints and suggestions that I might like 'to go to my room' whenever she and my Father entertained favoured guests and occasional visitors. It was only years later I understood why they wanted me out of the way and how hypocritical the whole religious teaching thing had been.I thought nothing of it at the time but when. A little partying a little sex, I drove my parents crazy of course. I had a pretty decent body. A little bit of extra meat but not bad. Nice C cup tits and a round ass. My dark hair and brown eyes and curvy body showed my mixed Latina heritage. I liked to dress to show off my assets.I had only had my license about 3 months and I was driving in my stepdads mustang on the way home from a party. I had my own car but the mustang was more fun and I took it whenever I could con my stepdad out of it.. I heard the shower turn on I didn't want to sit down I would have got her couch wet she came in wearing a silk dressing gown"The showers on to heat you up"I gladly took her up on her offer as I was needing it.I began to peel my wet clothes off my boxer shorts clung to me like wet paper when she walked in and looked me up and down and lifted my clothes I rolled my shorts down trying to hide my semi behind a towel but she just smiled and left.The warm water felt great as it ran down my chest and. Kani ela proceed avalo artham kaledu.Elagola mellaga thanaku kitchen lo lunch ki help chesthu maatallo petta, madhyalo jokes vesthu close ga move ayyela chesa, apudu adiga, attha okati adugutha, kopam padav ga ani, apudu gowri enti ra adugu andi, nenu dairyam chesi ee Madhya bale laav ayyav anna, daniki ame kindiki thana body ni chuskuntu em ledu mamulu gane unane andi. Aina niku ala ela anipinchindi ra andi, nenu ni ass n kondalu chusi anukuna anna, orey enti ra adi, nanu ala chusthunava, po.

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