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She leant forward to give me better access to her and I slid my tongue up and down her slit.The Captain put her hands on the bed, and seeing my erect ...ock in front of her face, began devouring it, like I was doing with her. Her tongue ran underneath my foreskin and along the head of my cock and I began squealing in pleasure. Could I really cum in the Captains mouth?The Captain loved my tongue circling her butthole, and with my thumb swirling her juices on top of her clitoris, she was building. I felt a hand on my ass and I moaned. Mike was feeling up my ass and had stuck a finger in it. I looked back and Stacey was sucking him again and making him hard. She spread my ass cheeks and I felt her guiding his hard dick, wet with her saliva into me. His large cock head stretched me to my limits but it felt so good once he was inside. He let it rest in me so I could get used to it. Stacey then stood up and said, "I've get to get my camera." She ran too the bedroom to get it and when she. Honey you know I love you but you have to get this thing under control before you get some young lady pregnant.”“I am so sorry love”, He said as he stood “I know babe its not your fault or intention, so no need to apologize, but one day I may let you out and take my chances with you to find out what its like myself”“HA HA” he sneered “ You never know if I am gonna eat your heart out or your pussy, I am just too unpredictable”She reached under his arm and helped him to his feet. Together they. At first I just saw a dude, some guy I did not recognize so I switched over to her camera to see what was going on the other end.My jaw dropped when I saw her in a pair of stockings and a lace bra. Her nipples were straining against the fabric begging to be touched. I pulled on my headphones and turned up the sound just to hear what was happening and started my capture program to record everything that was happening on her side. I couldn’t careless what he was doing.Even though I knew that she.

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