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I was pretty sure I could find a co-worker who might be willing to make out sexual fantasies come true. Then, one day a few weeks back, Michelle decid...d to pick me up from work. I stepped outside and told her I was finishing up on a hot project and asked if she would mind waiting. As I finished up my project, I over heard two co-workers talking about a “hot chiquita” outside. At the time, I didn’t know they were talking about Michelle. Only after I stepped back outside, did I realized whom they. Darissa fixed her hair as a strange silence blanketed a five block radius. M-I-H-A-P?, Darissa began as people milled about like ants. M-I-H-A-P! People stared up at the giants confused. COME ON, PEOPLE! GET WITH THE PROGRAM! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE? I HAVE A LOT TO SAY, SO I MAY USE TXT IM TO GET MY POINT ACROSS, the normally astute text-messaging titan pleaded. MY GIANT B-F-F'S ARE HERE FROM THE PLANT JUPITER ON A MISSION TO FIX THIS CITY'S MESSES. THE GOVERNMENT IS F-U-B-B AND PP. One other thing, he was and is truly unconscious of the effect he has on other people. So when he accepted my invitation and sat down, then started to grow a little hard, well, ... I knew he was mine. I also knew I would go to any lengths to make him know he was mine.I would have taken off my clothes right then if I had dared. Me, prim and proper prudish me wanted to ravage this man. I acted inside my head, and in my heart like some ditzy heroine in a gushy bed warmer novel or a teenager who. Both her and Steve were very much taken back by the story Amir just told them. “You know what, you can sleep here tonight. We have four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms we do not use, so plenty of space”, Steve suggested. Yana veered up. “Really sir? After what we did to you and your wife?” Yana asked with disbelieve in her voice. “Yes sweetheart, we understand now why you did what you did. It´s not good and you should never do it again, but let´s forget about it”. “You can stay here till we sort.

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