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” To this point, I thought that elephant trunks for penises only existed in porn studios… yet, here was one right in front of me. Attached to my b...other. Scrawny-ass Steve. I froze and swore I must have gasped loud enough to wake the neighbors, then hightailed it across the hall into my room to collect myself. Once my heart stopped beating through my chest and I had composed myself, I thought that I had to go sneak another peak to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I was too terrified and. I straightened and his cock was dark and swollen larger and harder than any time I had seen it.He led me backwards until my buttocks rested against a bookcase and he raised a cup in his hand. It had at least a dozen 3 inch needles with ball ends on them. They were stuck into an ointment of some sort. He took out one, and held it in his fingers by the ball and with his other hand removed my vaginal plug putting it in my mouth then guided his hardened cock into my opened womb in one stroke. He. Unfortunately thingswere not going well. His crotch was soaking wet. It had started a fewhours ago and Stephen had honestly wondered whether he might haveurinated on himself but a quick check in the bathroom stall indicatedthat he seemed to be leaking some kind of clear liquid from his vagina.Stephen had wiped the area down with toilet paper at the time and hethought that would be enough. However it clearly wasn't. His boxer shortswere soaked and the liquid was almost leaking down his thighs.. Watersports had never been a thing for me, but watching her kneeling there, almost writhing in ecstasy as she pissed her panties, pee running down the insides of her thighs and pooling on the hardwood floor slowly, and then faster as she tugged them aside and began to furiously rub her clit was the hottest thing I'd ever seen.“Please,” she moaned almost frantically, the word almost indecipherable. It didn’t matter, I knew what she wanted. I let myself go, my cock twitching in her mouth, jerking.

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