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Now what?Heal her she had said. But how? I was no doctor, and even if I was, how do you heal a tranquilizer? It was just a chemical reaction in the bo...y, a foreign substance in the bloodstream, I didn't know how to ... I was being stupid."Bob!" I called and suddenly he was there.Just as quickly I sent him back and hoped that it was fast enough to make the difference. It cost me my focus on the other room but I watched as he managed to catch himself before crashing to the floor of the tub,. It was around 11:30-11:40 in the night when I felt as if someone has opened the door (latch sound). I was unsure and just lifted my head from the bed to see if my room door was open. But it was not. I leaned a bit to look through the window and I felt someone standing in the adjuscent balcony. I got alert, may be this is Bhavana. But what is she doing in the balcony at this time? was there a problem between Vinay and Bhavana? A million thoughts ran through my mind.I got up and went close to the. Soft moans fill the air making the atmosphere dense with the smell of her erotic exploration. As my hand unconsciously grasped my cock’s shaft without hesitation a little bit of my juices escaped me leaving a silky residue making the sensation of my hand over my dick resemble her wet pussy. Softly her fingers caress her hard clitoris then her pussy’s lips. Lingering at her doorway to pleasure. The chills that made its home in my spine becoming more volatile leaving my mind unable to focus as my. “I hate to call it a night, but it’s getting pretty late and I don’t want to take up all of your time.”Eve rose from her chair and slowly approached me, until she was standing directly in front of me. Even in her bare feet she was at least three inches taller than me.“I don’t mind at all if you take up all of my time tonight or any other night for that matter. Why don’t you spend the night, I have so much more I want to show and tell you.”“I always liked show and tell.”We fell into a romantic.

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