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That had to be either Tess on the phone, or the National Security Agency."Yeah?" Can you come back here?"It wasn't the NSA."To the RV?" Yeah."I the clock. "Something wrong?" I'm alone here," she said."What happened?" He's gone. Hal. He's gone back to Virginia." It's the middle of the night." I know." You'll need the car. You'll need a ride to the tournament. Don't worry. I'll be there to pick you up, first thing in the morning." Couldn't you come back now?" What for? So we can stay up. .. it feels good... Vern would understand... I go from left to right, and back again, my finger still lightly touching myself between my legs, sliding inside. I feel slick already.I spray my thighs, my legs bent at the knees, the tub slightly not long enough for me to stretch out. I notice my breasts have droplets of water all over them, beading... it's the chlorine, I swim too much... I take my breast in my hand, crane down my neck, and take my nipple into my mouth, sucking the moisture off. "I need a favour off you Karolina" I asked "Anything you want " she replied "I need you to wear a blindfold & theese handcuffs, with your hand's behind your back" With pleasure" she says, having an idea what was about to come.I turned Karolina around & put the blindfold on, then the handcuffs with her hands behind her back. I then whispered into her ear "trust me Karolina, trust me" her head nodded in agreement. I pushed Karolina onto her knee's, then waved mike over."Come on Mike, she isn't. “Oh! I think we can arrange transport”, she was told by an office volunteer. “As you are interested in ‘foreign relations’ the chap that tutors that subject lives quite close to you. I will ring him if you like”, she was told. A request she willingly adhered to. The conversation was brief but positive. “He would be delighted”, she was told. “His name is Richard but he did ask me to stress that as he has to open up the venue he would have to pick you up around ten to nine on the Monday mornings..

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