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We have been friends pretty much all our lives. A few years ago, and quite by chance, we decided to have a little bit of bedroom fun. Just a little bi... of lady-lady loving. We both enjoyed it and have continued to this day. It’s really good having a friend that can be trusted. After that first day, we agreed that we could talk about anything we wanted. We also decided to try different things out. Bondage was my favourite, not the kinky painful stuff you understand, just being loosely tied to a. One day, while I was standing by the sink, washing dishes, I looked up and saw Jim waving at me. I waved back. I made a hand motion for him to call me. He placed his hands in the palm-upwards position. Dummy me. He didn’t know my phone number. I hand-signed my phone number to him with my fingers. A few moments later my cell phone buzzed and I picked it up. “Hey you,” I casually answered. “Hi,” replied. “What’s up?” “Cleaning the house?” he asked. “Doing the dishes,” I replied. “Did you know we. A choice is made and you are rolled onto your front, the whole of your butt is the target for the moment. Massage strokes a fully applied, fists are kneading the soft flesh getting into knotted areas and smoothing them out in an intense sometimes painful but thrilling manner. Oh how you so want to feel that cock in your hand, mouth or mostly in your cunt. To thrill at its hardness intimately joined with you covered in your now freely flowing juices…Once any knot goes the massage becomes more. Emma might regret the extent of Maisie’s boasting and the details in which she divulged them, but she felt unable to do anything about it. Censoriousness was not a role she could play without too much hypocrisy. Much of this sexual activity took place at college, though how the teachers could remain oblivious to its occurrence was beyond Emma. It took place in the playing field, in the gym, in the playground, in the toilets and sometimes in the classroom. On occasion, Maisie invited her friends.

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