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You seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet?" Maggie, don't ask me about this again, you know I don't like to talk about it." Yes, I do know you d...n't like to talk about it Becka. But I also know you need to talk about it. You'll never move on if you don't let yourself get over her, and you could get over her a lot easier if you'd just open up about it a little."Silence. Awkward eye contact, then more silence."Ok, suit yoursel--" said Maggie."Is she happy?" blurted Becka."Sorry?" I know you. ”“Like other guys you fuck?”“Don’t worry about it. I am your girlfriend, but I do have other men friends who fancy me.”Michael knew she was a cheater, and this confirmed it. But he did wonder where they were going and how many guys she was going to fuck there. Michael enjoyed his time with her. He hoped he could keep this incredibly sexy woman. He wondered how many of these “friends” she had invited to this different movie place.They arrived at this strange theater. It was called “Lucky. Then, after some time, they asked me to stand. So I got down from the table and stood.One guy who was heavily-built lifted me up by spreading my legs. He then entered my pussy from the front while another guy entered my ass from the back and started to double penetrate me. They fucked me for a long time and in the end, I had a squirting orgasm again!By this time, I was so drunk that I could barely stand up. But the men weren’t ready to give me a break. They took turns again to fuck me. Then. Dey here." She ran from the room.Before either of us could move, the big front door slammed open and a commanding voice called, "Hallo the house, the master is home." In trouped a stout man in purple finery and lace cuffs followed by three Redcoat officers from one of the companies of foot. All three were big men and from their ruddy faces, I assumed that they had been drinking on their way north.Since I was weaponless, except for my bayonet, I looked for a way out, grabbed Gertrude and made.

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