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I continue until you are almost ready to cum, then I stop just holding your cock in my mouth running my tongue around the tip. I gently slid my finger...towards your ass. I start sucking again when my finger finds your little hole you clinch up nervously, I stop sucking, and tell you just to relax and only tell me if I hurt you. I start sucking again, feeling you relax I reach over getting some extra lube we are going to need it. I put come on my hand then gently push my finger against your. Yet today's headline was enough to catch the eye of any red-blooded American male: countless women throughout the city of Atlanta were stopping men on the street and offering to give them blowjobs right then and there.A few days later, the local newspaper reported the same thing. For one week in September, women throughout Atlanta had been offering blowjobs to men on the street. The article dismissed it as some sort of college prank during rush week at Georgia Tech. Yet one fact that the. They looked at each other and I could sense they were trying to work each other up to doing something really bad. please dont hurt me! I begged. I just want to go home. I wont tell anyone about this, just let me go, Ill walk. But one guy just smiled, but that smile froze my blood as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a hard cock. I spun around to run but they grabbed me and threw me into the bed of the truck. One guys rummaged around the cabin and brought out a couple blankets and they laid. .." And she cut me off. "Please, I want you again." I rubbed her legs to the inside of her thighs and pulled her legs apart and she willingly let me. I stepped up to the edge of the bed, "my God your beautiful," and I laid on top of her, sinking to the hilt as I did. She arched her neck, clamped her eyes shut and squealed through a clenched mouth. I held still reveling in the incredible tightness and the rippling waves in her vagina. I was not as cautious this time but I steadied my pace..

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