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The afternoon sun was bright, and all Brad had on was a t-shirt, cargo shorts, sunglasses, sneakers but no hat. I put some sunscreen on my hand and st...rted putting it on his forehead, face, ears and the back of his neck and said, “I am so glad we did this. I don’t think I would have been much fun if we had gone to the cabin today.”As I started to coat his legs and knees with the sunscreen, Brad said, “I know, Mom. I wasn’t looking forward to listening for footsteps and looking for shadows. And. . I just have to watch the timer on the over and set the table. Why don't you go take a shower and then join me back down here."I gave her a very passionate kiss and hurried upstairs. You see, my wife of 15 years never ceases to surprise me and keep our sex-life alive and well. I striped off my clothing and jumped in the shower, cleaning myself extra well and shaving myself smooth. I then dressed casually and retuned downstairs to find my wife seated at one end of the table, candles lit, the. " He replied looking straight into her lonely soul and savored the feel of her warm sex on his hand. "I'm right handed if it was ever to happen again." He added, gently moving his big fingers over her delicate shorts.Misty trembled with delight at his soft touch between her legs. It sent chills through every inch of her body. "Ahhh, careful." She slowly pulled from his hand. "I'm really hurting there." She lied, how could she tell him that she was on fire and if he touched her a second more her. "Oh the looks on your faces was priceless. I don't care if you boys are bi or straight, but I do have a few rules. First, what we do here tonight, you can never tell anyone. If you do, you'll regret it, and trust me, I'll know. Second, you must wear a condom when you fuck my pussy or my ass. However, I don't suck condom covered cocks. For that, you can go bareback. Third, if you fuck my ass and then want my pussy, you must put on a clean condom. It's more of a hygiene issue for me than anything.

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