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I can tell your tastes run in the other direction"At this, Mary looked back at Rachel, shocked at how forward this woman, who up until a few minutes a...o had been a complete stranger, was being, yet slightly intrigued, and maybe even a little bit turned on."Am I wrong?" Rachel cocked an eyebrow."I'm sorry, I don't really know you," Mary tried."Am I wrong, though?" There was something about Rachel that made Mary's heart flutter, and her stomach drop, and she kind of liked it."What's your move. I turned over, pushing Mom underneath me, and lifted her legs high and wide. I met no resistance. Holding her legs by her knees, I dipped my cock and entered her. I thrust slowly in and out, alternating between watching my cock move in and out of her and then her face as she gazed steadily at me while I fucked her, expressionless.I found the formation of a quizzical expression strangely rewarding as I squeezed her legs together, tightening her cunt on my fully embedded cock, then pushed her. “God, you feel so good!” I gasped in return, enjoying once again the pleasure of forbidden fruit.“So do you! Oh, fuck!” she almost screamed out as her first orgasm washed over her, her legs crossing over my own to get even more of me inside her.Within seconds I joined her when the anticipation of the day blasted a veritable torrent of my cum into her accepting pussy as I groaned out my own delight in our coupling.“Fuck, I needed that,” she almost whimpered in my ear.“Was great for me too,” I. When she bent down to get something out of the fridge, I could see the outline of her pussy between her legs. It was one of those that look like if someone had placed a little bun between her thighs. I swallowed hard and looked away. My cock was by now hard in my pants and I adjusted it a little so it wouldn’t be so obvious under the thin fabric. While she made breakfast she told me about her life in the States since she had arrived. The new language, making friends at school and the soccer.

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