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She did as I told her. After massaging both her breasts I massaged her hands and palms. On her hands I worked on the tendons of the forearm and the wr...sts region. After hands, I massaged her shoulder & her neck region too.Nish : The basic massage is done. Would you like to get use the washroom ?Arpita : It is really nice Nish. I have thoroughly enjoyed this massage session. Yes, I would like to use the washroom.Nish : Lie down for 5mins and then you can use. Make sure you wash your vagina. ”“I think I am outnumbered here,” John smiled stoically as he said this. He stood to one side as Raka lit her lamp and slung her coil of string over one shoulder. Her diminutive size made no difference to her determination.They set off, cautiously moving into the dark, quiet part of the cave.John’s flickering oil lamp showed the old string still in position, so he followed it slowly, ready to react to anything different from expected.The first dozen steps to the nearest bend were perfectly. Soon the pain began to recede and was replacing by a deep tingling sensation in the bowels of her colon, then like a spreading fire it consumed her passions as her orgasm broke.Now Sandra was oblivious of tom being there as she brought herself off to the biggest orgasm of her life; she would have tried anal sex long before if she had known the pleasure it could generate but she did feel guilty that it took a rape and degradation for her to discover this new found delightful passion. Suddenly. ‘Fuck me, Alan, please’ I asked. He obliged me with asmile, moving over me and entering me so gently, thoughI was already wet and ready for him. I entwined my legswith his as I got a fresh cigarette from my packet andleft it dangling from my lips. My hands were free tocaress his back and chest, run through his hair anddown his neck. I inhaled deeply and often, gentlyblowing my smoke up at Alan’s eager face. I closed myeyes for a little while, just savoring the feel of.

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