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Das erste war ein altes, in Leder gebundenes Tagebuch mit einem abgewetzten Band darum, das den Deckel geschlossen hielt, das zweite war ein dicker Um...chlag, auf dem mein Name, Melissa Gordon, in ordentlicher (wenn auch altmodischer) Handschrift stand. Der Brief darin war auf teures schweres Papier getippt, das ein Firmenwasserzeichen in der Mitte der Seite hatte. In dem Schreiben wurde erklärt, dass die Anwaltskanzlei von einem kleinen, unabhängigen Museum beauftragt wurde, das beiliegende. Mary was inside an office, that was nicely decorated with Christian symbols and mahogany wood paneling.Mary: “I’m back. We are here at the office of Reverend Bill Turner. We are joined today by his wife Shirley and their daughter, Martha, who has her fourteenth birthday today, happy birthday, Martha.”Martha beaming: “Thanks Mary. You know you’re a rock star to me and my friends! It’s fucking cool that you having your first litter, I can’t wait to have mine.”Mary smiling: “Thanks. I hope you and. The reply was immediate. "D go 2 pub n wait".He told Carol what the SMS said and she managed to say "no please don't leave me" through the ring gag. He said he had to, and she moaned a long "nooooooooooooo" as he kissed Carol's cheek and wished her luck and left, leaving the bedroom door open.To Carol, the blindfold was the worst thing. Awful waiting in total darkness! Sometimes she was convinced she heard breathing, and she tried to call out, "is anyone there?" But the gag distorted her words,. He just smiles, seeing my wanting, enjoying my distress of him stopping. He picks me up, as if I weigh nothing, places me on the kitchen table and whips my soaked panties off. His tongue teases my inner thighs, before making his way up to my pussy. He licks my lips slowly and without warning enters me making me scream. He pulls his tongue out and licks my clit, moving in circles. I moan even loader, close to coming. I’m nearly there and he stops once again, taunting me. He sucks the juices from.

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