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The pain of reality didnt compare to the pain shed been imagining in her mind and she gasped in a shaking, ragged breath. It may not have been as she was prepared for, but that didnt mean it didnt hurt. Fire spread across her back in a razor thin line and she gagged as she remembered what she had felt like at her fathers mercy when shed felt the first trickle of hot blood running from one of the cuts on her back. The room she was in should have smelled like soap, lotion, firewood and. And did I say his smell was intoxicating? Forget coke, I was getting high sniffing him. I could tell he was affected by me, too. There was no mistaking the tent in his trousers. Feeling a bit naughty, I linked my arms around his neck. Peering through my eyelashes, I saw his face darken. I thought nothing of it and continued my plan. "You know, Warre---" I never finished my sentence. Warren's mouth descended on mine and started kissing me. His hands gripped my hips and pushed me against the. As far as me fucking your ass, that’s not really my thing. If you decided you wanted to do it, I would, but it would be at whatever pace you decided.”Slowly, I slid my hand up, rubbing the underneath of those perky tits. There was a little moan here and there as I did so.“Barnim, your cock size while intriguing, also scares me a bit. You’re so much bigger than me physically that you could make me do whatever you wanted.”“Ellie, I promise you that I’ll never force you to do something you don’t. But I started caressing Kaveri’s right thigh with my left hand as she stood left to me. She was trying to resist the feeling that I was giving her by caressing. After a few minutes, I could feel her pussy getting warmer with the precum.I then pulled down the maid’s pantie and inserted my finger right into her fleshy pussy. Kaveri suddenly clutched both her legs with my finger stuck inside her pussy. I played with her pussy with my middle finger and she tried not to let out a moan and held to.

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