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I’m tempted to tell Ladd and Lane about them before they get back.”“Please don’t, Jud. Let it be a surprise to all of them. That way, if your ...rothers do happen to be attracted to two of Eli’s daughters, it will be natural and not set up like you and Eli planned it.”“I suppose you’re right. Which two would you pick for my brothers, if you were to pick from Eli’s four daughters?” Jud asked, running his fingertips down her back as she shivered and pressed closer.“Without a doubt in this whole. He wasn't very pleased as you can imagine, I told him all Gina had said to me earlier in the day was she was in a hurry and her dad was coming to pick her up as she was going to visit her family."At least I know where she is" - he said, " but there's no one there to talk too and now I'm going to have to make some food and I'm knackered after today".I said " I can make you dinner, I can cook" Great if you'd take care of that for me for tonight, whilst I sort things out, I be grateful".So we went. I tried to channel up images of a stone-faced Blaine cursing me out, but all I got were dark, piercing eyes and those same, large hands roaming all over my body. I couldn’t stop thinking about the blonde he’d had in his room — her full, heavy breasts and the pink nipples clipped tight with silver clamps. The treatment itself was certainly rough, but there was something gentle in David’s motions. His long stride across the room, his confident smirk, even the way his fist clenched when he pulled. "Pardon me, I didn't hear what you said," Diane said apologetically."I said you don't have to call me that when we're alone," Doris repeatedlouder. "Actually Diane, I'd prefer you didn't." I hear what you're saying but honestly," Diane paused for a moment thencontinued, "It's just too weird calling you 'Will' looking the way youdo. You look a lot more like a 'Doris.'Diane watched Doris nod in silence, processing the statement."Besides, I really think it's best that we both stay in character.

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