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It did not take long, she moaned, pressed back into my body, whimpering as she exploded with her first orgasm, that one was immediately followed by th... second one and the third - leaving her chest heaving, her legs wide open, her poor bottom rising then dropping, trying to do more with her own hands, but not able to get them any further inside herself. Finally her body had taken as much as she could tolerate, feeling her head slump forward, a soft breathing taking place, falling into a deep. I really wanted to rip off my clothes and stand naked in front of her. I wanted to see the hunger in her eyes when she see my naked body. I wanted her to explore the most intimate parts of my body. I wanted her badly now. But I did not want to take the initiate. I wanted her to make a move. So I decided to tease her until she could not take it any more, until she wanted me badly and until she cannot wait me to hold me in her arms. I decided to give her a good view on what was hidden inside my. “Hello, my dear,” his musical voice whispered through his smirk, the smirk that now held fangs on display and symbolized fear instead of sexiness. A sliver of moonlight glinted off his fangs as his smile grew: she was afraid and he could smell the blood being pumped through her veins with the extra adrenaline. “Aw,” he cooed mockingly at the sight of her green eyes widening in pure fear and awe, “you wouldn’t want to end the party early would you?”His long, black tongue rolled across his pink. That was my first time being with an elder woman.One day like always I was chatting on yahoo messenger for some online fun when I bumped into an ID. Casually I asked for the asl n came the reply 36 F HYD. As I was looking for some fun I replied back saying I’m a 29 yr old male from Chandigarh looking for some fun online. She said she isn’t looking for any online fun but she wants to meet in real for some sexual pleasure.I said it wont be possible us being in different cities when she said that.

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