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What are they saying?Mitzi is asking Becky if you would join the Mile High Club with her.No way! You’re putting me on.No, she explained to Becky how...she has never had a date and can’t get a boyfriend because she can’t speak and none of the guys she knows will learn.You can tell her for me that I will damned sure learn it if she wants to go a mile high with me.Ok. I told her. She was surprised that I knew signing and was a little embarrassed until Becky explained things a little.Great! When can. The entered the room and dropped there bags down and embraced. They kissed long and hard and then started to peel each others clothes off. Brian motioned to the bed and Emily shook her head and said oh no not yet. She got down on her knees and took hold of Brian’s stiff cock and put the tip of it in to her mouth and slowly started to suck on it whilst gently caressing his penis with her hand. Brian moaned this was so nice and something his wife would never do to him. Emily slowly took more. Shahnaz let out a guttural moan and flopped back on the bed as her climax tore through her virginal body. It was nothing compared to anything she had managed while masturbating. Her father continued to lick her cunt as she struggled with her rampant orgasm. It took many minutes before Shahnaz quietened down. Her father was still licking her now very sensitive clitoris. It was hypersensitive. She wriggled her hips to move away from her father's educated but torturing mouth. Her breathing was. When he turned around, she was right there, inches away from him. She smiled slightly, and reached her hands up, taking his face between her hands and pulling it down to her own. Their lips connected softly, he breathed the sweet taste on her tongue and lips and in her breath. She was on her tippy toes, so their faces were at the same height. Her fingers went into his hair as the passion built in the kiss, their lips moving together in an almost pre-choreographed dance that he’d been imagining.

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