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Vanessa seemed to consider something for a long time before she spoke next. “You know Trav, I’ve seen you naked before, seen your cock, it’s a l...t bigger then Danny’s.” Danny was her boyfriend the quarter back. I hated him. Vanessa walked toward me and put her hand on my chest, my heart beat picked up, my breathing became labored, I wasn’t a virgin but I felt as nervous as one right now. “I’m a virgin Travis, I know its wrong but I want you to be my first not Danny. I’ve always loved. Amanda saw it and explained, "We begin to get serious today. I intend to get the rest of the story line completely blocked out. For the next few days we're all going to be busier than a barking dog in a cat store. We need your input on what happened to you, your background and all the rest. She paused dramatically, looked at him and said in a gentle voice, "I love you." She gave him a kiss."Willow's part will be written in and tailored for her. Yours is much more demanding. Because it is going. She giggled at his nervousness and reached out her hand. "Mr. Hart, I'mLaura Gillihan, and I'll be your guide during your visit here if that'sokay."Joseph regrouped as he set down his newly recovered luggage. He wasusually not affected by attractive women like that, but she had caughthim by surprise. He knew from his quick research of the Gillihans, Laurawas the youngest of 5 daughters. After composing himself, he extendedhis hand and said, "Nice to meet you Ms. Gillihan, my friends call. “Ten minutes I think “ thought Harriet as she accepted the promised cigarette which she shared with Hermoine as they smiled at each other.You see Hermoine had the same powers as Harriet but so much more as we shall find out later!As fate would have it Harriet and Hermoine both found themselves in Mr Heads office later that day for the cane. Not for smoking but for “undone” homework .The girls had been too busy licking each other out and completely “forgotten “ to do it.Mr Head had decided to.

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