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Then to the power point that controlled the Christmas lights that Ian, John and Nat had put up outside a few weeks ago. She turned it on and saw the b...ue lights flashing around the windows and eaves. She had wrapped all the presents the day before, and they now lay beside the tree ready to be opened the next day. There were a few more to come including the ones Ian was getting on the way home. Two still lay hidden in their bedroom, the tags reading with love from Santa. These would come out. ‘They all had breakfast together.’ ‘Hmm. Did Jack cook again?’ Wanda laughed. ‘Not this morning, no.’ ‘So where is she now?’ ‘I think I heard her asking if she could use the swimming pool this morning, miss. Mr Smith said he had no problem with this. Is it okay with you?’ Lianne got up off the arm of the sofa. ‘In this heat? My god, you’d have to be sadistic not to let someone cool down. I’m fine with it. Thank you, Wanda.’ As the maid left to begin her chores upstairs she added hurriedly, ‘Oh,. Only her G-string impeded his roaming gaze and taking her bottom lip between her teeth, she released the drawstring at her waist, allowing them to drop to the floor. Dominic’s breath came out on a sigh. She was even more beautiful than he had imagined. The interior of the hotel room was dim but her creamy skin glowed. Her breasts were full and firm, with delicate pink nipples perched at their tips that pouted and begged for his touch. Her stomach was flat and her waist was impossibly tiny. This was his third year on the force in Colby and he loved what he did. Except for when he had to do crowd control, that was. He didn't argue though, since it was all part of it.He'd wanted to be a fireman ever since third grade when the captain of the local station gave their class a speech on safety. His parents just chuckled at first and figured it was a phase. Trey later became intrigued with the patterns left behind in the destruction. His goal was to become part of the investigation team.

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