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So she spread my legs even farther. Brian just stood at the edge of the bed looking at my body for a long time. I felt really uncomfortable. Finally ...rian crawled onto the bed and put his face really close to my vagina. He sniffed it like food or something and I felt embarrassed, but he just groaned loudly and sniffed again for longer. He looked at Mommy like I wasnt even there and said, I need this. His finger reached out towards my vagina and I felt it gently make contact. I jumped a little,. Etc, just then her mum came in with the coffee's and we just sat around drinking those making idle small talk about nothing special,julie then announced that she was going to take a much needed shower, i said i'll leave you to it, julie said just relax , she would not be long, she had barely left the room when her daughter said " mum's told me all about you " what had she told you i innocently asked ?" Everything " from the day your brought her parcel delivery and what followed, to say i was a. When one of his subordinates came and was speaking to the boss by whispering. The boss laughed. And he turned to me. And said I’ll give you 1 lakh extra. Just satisfy my boys. And he left. He didn’t even wait for me to reply. And in few seconds one by one people started to come inside and the whole room was crowded. Most for them were naked and they treated me like a public slut. One inside my pussy 2 in both my hands. One in between my big boobs and one inside my mouth.They fucked me as much. The woman that had killed the two security men came angrily into the room followed by one of her henchmen. She walked over to the group of girls and pointed out three of them. Her goon grabbed two of them by their arm, while she grabbed a handful of hair belonging to Senator Chatham's daughter and dragged her from the room with the man towing the other two girls.Once the door was closed, Steve quietly moved close to it and listened intently. Again, he was only able to follow the gist of the.

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