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"My Hacky-Sac."Diana helped him look for it and found the small beanbag ball in the corner near the open overhead door. She picked it up and handed him. The boy thanked her but did not move away."You didn't tell anyone about you-know-what, did you?" he asked in a hard tone. The girl shook her head, then pulled blonde strands from her lips."Good, cuz there's something else I forgot." What?" I didn't look at your tits."Diana was glad she chose not to wear a bra that morning. She even put on. Using his fist, Rahul pushed a bit more of the wet cloth further inside her ass, drawing a sharp groan from her. Rahul bent down and starting kissing his mother’s neck, “aaahhh beta…” moaned Sapna, as her son licked her neck, while his fist was moving inside her gaping ass. Giving her right ear a lick, Rahul asked his mom if she remembered all the times, when she used to pull on his ears, to discipline him as a little boy. Sapna said “I am sorry if I hurt you then beta”. “It doesn’t really. She felt his talented tongue throughout her entire body. She couldn't stop moaning and thrusting against his face. She was light-headed. Her nipples were hard and aching. And as his tongue pushed against her slit, sliding up and down, side to side, and every diagonal angle, her hips oscillated and winced in an uncontrollable frenzy."OHMIGOD!" Celina tried to stop the moan, but it erupted too quickly and too loudly. As another moan escaped, her bountiful bustiness bounced inside their lace. I mean why would the girl that has hated me since the day I met her be so determined to make me come? Images of her forcing herself to take my entire cock deep down her throat flood my mind and I have to force myself to think of something else to stop the growing I can feel in my pants. Like what the fuck am I going to tell my wife? Surely Alicia has told her by now after all I didn't give her what she wanted and I know the threats she had made were in no way empty. My phone vibrates in front.

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