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The other event in March was the birth of our first nephew, Paul Junior. My brother, Paul, and Melody, Beth’s sister and Paul’s wife, welcomed the...8-pound 4-ounce bundle of joy on the 15th. Beth was there for the delivery and managed to be the first to hold him.I came to the hospital after work and walked into the room without Beth noticing me as she held the newborn. The sight captured my heart and brought tears to my eyes as a misty-eyed Beth looked up at me—her face shining with visions of. She spread her legs to make room for my face. I inhaled the sweet fragrance drifting up from her pussy and I opened her lips with my fingers. Without seeing, I knew that her eyes had closed. Her hand caressed the back of my head. I knew that in fifty more pages, she would be between my legs, pleasuring me, and I knew that I must pay her in advance with equal love and attention. My finger slid down to her back entrance and worked its way inside; her sigh told me that she welcomed it. What a. I’d rather have her naked brown ass right here with us, wouldn’t you?”“You know I would. We’ll get her tonight.”“Chuck, we need to run. Thanks for helping - and for letting us love your family... “Claire, we love you as a friend.“Kaye, we love you the same way. We hope to get together again soon.”I told them, “Faye, you and Kaye help your Mom and Dad work it out so we can spend Thanksgiving with all of you. We need to run... “See y’all on stage in a few minutes.”Sherry, Marie and I managed to. I shake my head a little and respond in my happy, brotherly tone. “Me too, sis. And no worries! I know what it’s like to be stressed and all.” I look down, and for the first time in my life, I felt a little scared. My step-sister’s face was still flushed, and her full, lush lips were slightly parted. I wanted to rip off her clothes, slam her against the wall and, well you know. “I’m glad you understand me, Aaron. And now we’re even when it comes to walking in on each other, huh?” she laughed a.

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