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Looks like someone glued 2 bon bons onthose titties to tease us men from hell and back! And as well she is long legged looking. And has that lookright...between them legs of having been born sitting on a horseor something because she has that spread out right between the legslook about her. We down here in the south call it she's been hitbetween them legs with a splitting wedge. But she has those curvedhips that makes everything come together to make a man go damn howcan something like that be. My mother is my best friend and we get along really well.My mother had always worked a few jobs. She's lucky because her parents always have watched me. My mother is a hair dresser and a waitress at night. She's always working and my grandparents always have looked after me. Sometimes I would even stay at their house if my mom was working a double shift.I'm very close to both my grandparents. My grandmother recently died and my grandfather has been very sad. I've been spending a lot of time at. “Are you sleeping with that guy?” asked Pete.“Unlike some people I might name, his personality doesn’t put one to sleep.”“Stop that! Both of you,” Dad said. That was terribly unfair, while Pete’s question had been both dirty and terribly intrusive, her answer had merely deflected it.She wore the chain to church on Sunday. It was really intended for somewhat less formal wear. Girls wore them with jeans and blouses, but not with tees. She thanked him for the gift, and he thanked her for his.On. .she immediately removed herself and said..”what was that…” to which i replied “ohh aparna, you are the most beautiful girl i have ever met and i love you from the past many years…never had the courage to say you this but today i thought if its not now then it’s never….”She was really flattered with what i said and herself came to me and said now its fine…”dumb ass!! waited for you the whole school life so that you could propose me but you did not… now lets not waste a single moment.

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