Sapna Didi Mujhe Apki Ghand Marna Hai indian porn

I met my wife’s grand mother, who was also a beautiful dignified lady, though a bit old. in fact a I have thing for old ladies and I couldn’t help...looking at her boobs and groin, though she was clad in the traditional kerala attire of “mundu and veshti”, wearing a white blouse. Her boobs were also big though bit sagging. I noticed that it had not lost it’s shape and charm. I knew my father in law was keeping it in good condition. I also hoped that he was maintaining her pussy also well so that. He then proceeds to press up against me trying to kiss me. I resist him at first then I kiss him back. He reaches up the back of my shirt and unbuttons my bra. I think he was expecting me to have underwear on but I didn’t put them on yet. I take off my skirt slowly and enter the shower. He follows me in and presses his body against mine as he kisses me again. The way he kisses me makes it so I can’t breathe. “Are you a virgin?” he asks. “Yes I am; Is that bad?” I say. “Not one bit you’re hot I. I kept kissing her lips and neck, stroking her perky breasts. "You have a nice cock. Kinda big." The way she said that with her southern accent was a massive turn-on. I picked up the pace and she picked up the screaming, eyes popping out of her head as I quickened the pace. She looked hot as she looked deep into my eyes while she moaned and panted. I gripped her hips and really pumped her hole with intensity. When she was about to cum her hands gripped the back of my neck for support. "Oh God. Fir se kiss ke aur hum dono fir se so gaye.Jab me subhe utha toh bhakti ko ahmedabad jana pada kyu ki uske papa ka call aaya tha. Kuch kam aagaya tha. Tab me bhakti eagle travels tak chhodne gaya tha. Usne ahmedabad ghar pohach ke muje call kiya. Tab usne muje bata ya ki uski grand mother maar gai thi. So use aana pada. Aur uske chhota bhai 10th me tha toh use dhyan rakhne ke liya jana pada.5 din baad me kisi kam se ahmadabad gaya. Aur kam khatam kar ke. Me bhakti ghar gaya. Uska khayal.

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